Why a Campus Visit Is Critical in Choosing a College

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3 Key Takeaways

  • Personal Experience Enhances Choice: Visiting campuses in person provides invaluable insights that can't be captured through online research alone. Experiencing the atmosphere, meeting students and faculty, and seeing the facilities firsthand are pivotal in making an informed college choice.
  • Demonstrated Interest: Colleges take note of applicants who visit, as it demonstrates genuine interest. Utilizing the same email for both the tour sign-up and application can help colleges track this engagement, potentially benefiting the applicant.
  • Strategic Visit Planning: Maximizing campus visits involves attending information sessions, touring dorms, and even shadowing a student if possible. These activities provide a deeper understanding of campus life, helping students assess whether they can thrive there.

At Anja Education Consultants, we've always emphasized the transformative power of education. Guided by Anjali Maazel's visionary leadership, our consultancy has achieved unparalleled success, ensuring our clients' admission to their top-choice colleges. But beyond our metrics lies a core belief in making informed choices—a philosophy that extends to the crucial step of campus visits in the college selection process.

Why Visit Colleges?

The journey to selecting the right college is both exciting and daunting. Among various steps, one stands out for its irreplaceable value: the campus visit. As Anjali Maazel eloquently explains, "visiting colleges in person is a great way to demonstrate interest and to learn a lot about the college in ways that you would not be able to do online."

Timing and Planning Your Visit

Timing is everything. We advocate for visits when classes are in session, offering a live snapshot of campus life. Planning ahead is crucial. Anjali advises signing up for in-person information sessions and tours using the same email address you'll use for your college applications, ensuring colleges can track this demonstrated interest.

The Consultative Approach to Campus Visits

Our unique approach involves more than just attending a tour. We encourage prospective students to email admission counselors, expressing their interest in a comprehensive visit that includes attending classes, meeting students and faculty informally, and, if possible, being hosted overnight on campus. This immersive experience can offer invaluable insights into the daily life and culture of the institution.

Engaging with the Campus Community

Engagement with the campus community is key. "When you talk to students on campus, ask if some of those reviews are true, identify the issues most important to you, and bring those up," Anjali notes. This engagement is pivotal in debunking or confirming second-hand information and ensuring that your chosen institution aligns with your values and academic goals.

The Critical Role of Information Sessions and Tours

Information sessions and tours are not mere formalities but opportunities to probe deeper into what a college offers. Questions about internship opportunities, thriving student profiles, and institutional achievements can offer deep insights into whether the college aligns with your ambitions and learning style.

Reflecting on the Experience

Reflection is a vital part of the visit. Anjali emphasizes the importance of taking notes and assessing how you feel on campus, from the ambiance of the dining halls to the vibe of the surrounding neighborhood. This holistic assessment ensures that your final choice is not just informed by academic offerings but by a comprehensive understanding of the environment you'll be stepping into.

The Anja Education Consultants Edge

Guided by Anjali's expertise and our team's dedication, Anja Education Consultants stands as a beacon for those navigating the complexities of college admissions. Our approach, deeply embedded in personalization and strategic planning, ensures that every student we guide makes informed decisions, grounded in both aspiration and reality.

Campus visits, as outlined by Anjali, are more than just preliminary steps; they are foundational experiences that shape your educational journey. At Anja Education Consultants, we are committed to ensuring that this journey is not just successful but also transformative, paving the way to a future full of possibilities.


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Anjali Maazel

Anjali Maazel

Founder and CEO of Anja Education Consultants

At Anja Education Consultants, we pride ourselves on the exceptional expertise of our Founder and CEO, Anjali Maazel. With over 15 years of experience as an alumna interviewer for Princeton University, our team, led by Anjali, brings a wealth of knowledge in college admissions. Our interdisciplinary approach, which melds arts, international education, and public relations, allows us to provide unparalleled guidance in college planning. The cornerstone of our success is the proprietary Talent Development 3D Process™, a unique strategy that has achieved a remarkable 100% success rate in securing admissions for our clients to at least one of their top three preferred schools. As a respected Ted Talk speaker and a sought-after authority in college admissions, we are frequently invited by high schools across the globe to share our insights and strategies, empowering students to reach their full potential in the competitive world of college admissions.
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