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Most middle and upper-middle income families are surprised to learn that with a little planning, they can significantly lower out-of-pocket college costs, maximize grants and scholarships, and minimize debt.

At Anja Education, we help obtain maximum merit scholarships for all our clients by guiding students to optimize their profile and applications. We do not however give financial aid advice related to a family’s income and assets, so we have teamed up with SMARTTRACK® College Funding, the nation’s leader in developing strategic college funding plans, to assist our clients with the financial aspect of college planning. If you’re concerned that you won’t qualify for financial aid, haven’t saved enough, or don’t have an effective plan to cover the considerable costs of educating all your children, SMARTTRACK® can help.

We provide our families with these valuable benefits and special discounts:​

  • Live Parent-Education Webinar explains what you need to know now to succeed in the college funding process
  • A complimentary College Funding Evaluation with a professional SMARTTRACK® Advisor. This 'stress test' is your crucial first step to lower college costs
  • Access to free money-saving online resources

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Gap Years are Trending--and for Good Reason. Here’s Why:

Research shows that students who have taken time between high school and college outperform students who have not on their GPA by at least .5 points. This is a result of greater focus and maturity, so taking time between high school and college can save time on major and career selection. We are proud to have a gap year expert on our team, so the year is well planned, rewarding, and pertinent.

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Highly Creative Students often Feel Constrained by the College Application Process. There is a Solution:

Nurturing talent includes selecting the right teachers and mentors, helping students balance their artistic and academic goals, building on strengths and bridging gaps, and showcasing the talent to its best advantage. Anjali has the training, the experience and the instinct to help bring young talent to fruition both to enhance admissions and merit scholarships.

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