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​"Yes, our students achieve outstanding college and scholarship results. But college is merely a stepping stone: we give students the skills to excel in the world. We empower them to create a life of purpose and fulfillment by connecting them early with their passions and strengths. Discovering, developing and demonstrating talent is a win-win strategy for families wishing to see their children not only attend a fine college and obtain scholarships but thrive into adulthood." 



Anjali Maazel

Founder and CEO


  • Students work with former Princeton University admissions interviewer

  • 100% clients to date admitted to at least one of their top 3 schools

  • Academic merit and talent-based scholarships up to $276,000 per student

  • Families receive a highly personalized plan and full attention 

  • Test Prep and Tutoring Service with handpicked tutors exclusively from the Ivy League

  • Acceptances include Yale University, Stanford University, Cornell University, Rice University, Johns Hopkins University, Barnard College and the Rhode Island School of Design.

Our Mission and Approach

Anja Education students gain admission and scholarships to the finest colleges and graduate programs in the US and abroad. Our mission is to give students the skills to shape their passions into a rewarding and successful life of purpose through our proprietary Talent Development Process™.

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A-List High School Package


More than comprehensive guidance and support for the college journey: students gain lifelong communication skills, discover their talents and aspirations, align their major and career goals with their strengths and their passions. The result? Competitive edge and excitement about the future. 

A la Carte Hourly Consulting

Anything on your mind regarding your children’s education? We will answer your questions on specific aspects of high school, college and graduate school planning, including essay editing, application proofing, SAT/ACT testing recommendations, study abroad, and gap years. 

what our clients are saying

Marielle G

Hampshire College

12 scholarship offers up to $136,000


Rice University

$96,000 Tulane Scholarship 

Anjali was very skilled both in helping me with essays and applications. Because she got to know me well and I felt comfortable talking to her, she was able to guide me to present my life story and who I am through only words and pictures submitted online. Under her guidance, I decided to study architecture and got into Rice University.

jessica l

UMass amherst

$32,000 scholarship

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