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Our partner for tutoring and test prep is a fellow Princetonian who handpicks and trains excellent tutors and matches them to each student for test prep including ACT, SAT,  AP tests, TOEFL, GRE, as well as academic tutoring and study skills training.  Tutors obtained high scores, have extensive experience, and help students significantly improve scores/grades.


In addition to full guidance and support for the college planning and application process in the US and abroad, students gain lifelong communication skills, showcase their talents, and align their major and career goals with their strengths, passions, and values.  All the moving parts of the applications are addressed for maximum impact. The result? Competitive edge and excitement about the future:


10 Colleges, no test prep

  • Cutting Edge Strengths & Interests Assessments: to help students choose or fine-tune majors/careers

  • Beyond the Basics: transcript analysis, tutoring recommendations, curriculum, and course selection

  • Elegant Extracurriculars: outside the box summer + school year activities

  • Life Skills Bootcamp: resume, interview prep, email and phone strategies, social media guidance, demonstrated interest strategies

  • Best Fit College List: based on preferences, profile + admission trends data

  • Smart Testing Plan: SAT vs.  ACT diagnostic, SAT/ACT

  • College Applications: includes all aspects, up to 10 colleges

  • Outstanding College Essays: application essays for all college applications including honors essays as well as summer programs, competitions, and internships

  • Application Review by Former Top Tier Admissions Officer

  • Advanced Application Strategies: waitlist and scholarship negotiation

  • Use of Growth Mindset and Focus on Purpose throughout


15 CollegeS + test prep

Includes Comprehensive Package. In addition, students receive:

  • Full 18-Hour Test Prep Package for SAT or ACT

  • 5 Additional Applications



III. Hourly Consulting

Anything on your mind regarding your children’s education? We will answer your questions on specific aspects of high school, college and graduate school planning, including essay editing, application proofing, SAT/ACT testing recommendations, study abroad, and gap years. 

IV. A la Carte Services

Can be purchased separately or as add-ons to any package (except Comprehensive, which includes all):

  • Strengths and Interests Assessment and 2 Results Meeting

  • Best Fit College List

  • Extracurricular and Summer Planning Based on Assessment Results

  • Summer Program/Internship Applications

  • Dedicated Test Prep, Writing and Math Coaching, or Tutoring in any Subject

  • Designing Personal Projects, including Non-profit Initiatives, Personal Websites, and other Extracurricular Projects/Showcasing: hourly

  • College Visit Advising and Planning

  • Life Skills Bootcamp (includes Training in Social Media, Emails, Phone Calls, Correspondence with Admissions Reps and Professors in Intended Major, and Resume and Interview Prep with a separate mock interview for each college)

  • Third Party Scholarship Applications

  • Advanced Application Strategies (including waitlist management and merit scholarship negotiation)

  • ACT vs. SAT Diagnostic

  • Additional College Applications (beyond those included in each package)

  • Arts Supplements: talent development, artist statements, showcasing through portfolio

  • Sports Recruitment: contact with coaches, showcasing results


Our mission is to guide students through the 3Ds of our proprietary Talent Development 3D™ Process from as early as middle school—Discovering, Developing, and Demonstrating student gifts not only to enhance college scholarships and admissions but also for personal fulfillment. The determining factors are genuine passion, mastery, originality, dedication, and impact, all of which we strive to support.  We also make use of growth mindset and a focus on life purpose.

I. Talent Development Foundations™

Four quarterly meetings to assess and advise on academic path and extracurricular choices to align them with interests and possible college major.

II. Talent Development Package 3D™

Step by step process to help students identify and fully develop their strengths, address any academic or extracurricular gaps, optimize their resume for college admissions and scholarships, learn to focus on genuine passion, mastery, originality, dedication, and impact in extracurriculars, and identify their perfect match college major and career.



  • Initial Interview, Interest/Strengths Assessment, and Talent Portfolio Review

  • Talent Development 3D™  Protocol: Discovering, Developing, and Demonstrating talent through mentor pairing, summer, and extracurricular/internship planning

  • Consistent Documentation: building a portfolio, one event at a time—including CirkledIn, personal websites, and social media as tools for self-reflection and resume building

  • Guidance in all Extracurricular, Competition, and Internship Applications: creating a winning application including all essays, resume, and interview prep

  • Transcript Review, Tutoring Recommendations, Course Selection for the Following School  Year

  • Personalized High School Timeline

  • SAT vs.  ACT Diagnostic and Testing Plan for SAT or ACT (generally in 10th grade)

  • 6-8 Meetings

  • Use of Growth Mindset and Focus on Purpose throughout

III. High School Search and Application Package
 — 8th Grade Students
  1. Initial Interview, including Transcript and Activities Review

  2. List of Best Fit Schools

  3. Application Guidance, Including all Essays

  4. Use of Growth Mindset and Focus on Purpose throughout

IV. PackageS for 3 or 4 Years of High School

Students are guided and supported in planning for admission to the most selective programs in the US and abroad. From a long term, strategic timeline that includes unparalleled summer internships and design of non-profits or other student-led initiatives, all aspects of students profiles are optimized in the context of well-being and long term student success.​​


  1. Best value

  2. Locks in price and availability

  3. We get to know your child in depth

  4. You get a plan that optimizes college admissions, scholarship options, and student well-being

additional Services


Most middle and upper-middle income families are surprised to learn that with a little planning, they
can significantly lower out-of-pocket college costs, maximize grants and scholarships, and minimize

At Anja Education, we help obtain maximum merit scholarships for all our clients by guiding students to optimize their profile and applications. We do not however give financial aid advice related to a family’s income and assets, so we have teamed up with SMARTTRACK® College Funding, the nation’s leader in developing strategic college funding plans, to assist our clients with the financial aspect of college planning. If you’re concerned that you won’t qualify for financial aid, haven’t saved enough, or don’t have an effective plan to cover the considerable costs of educating all your children, SMARTTRACK® can help.

We provide our families with these valuable benefits and special discounts:

  • Live Parent-Education Webinar explains what you need to know now to succeed in the college funding process

  • A complimentary College Funding Evaluation with a professional SMARTTRACK® Advisor. This 'stress
    test' is your crucial first step to lower college costs 

  • Access to free money-saving online resources

GAP YEAR pLanning

Gap Years are Trending--and for Good Reason. Here’s Why:

Research shows that students who have taken time between high school and college outperform students who have not on their GPA by at least .5 points. This is a result of greater focus and maturity, so taking time between high school and college can save time on major and career selection. We are proud to have a gap year expert on our team, so the year is well planned, rewarding, and pertinent.

Visual, literary & Performing Arts

Highly Creative Students often Feel Constrained by the College Application Process. There is a Solution:

Nurturing talent includes selecting the right teachers and mentors, helping students balance their artistic and academic goals, building on strengths and bridging gaps, and showcasing the talent to its best advantage. Anjali has the training, the experience and the instinct to help bring young talent to fruition both to enhance admissions and merit scholarships.

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