A-List High School Package


More than comprehensive guidance and support for the college journey: students gain lifelong communication skills, discover their talents and aspirations, align their major and career goals with their strengths and their passions. The result? Competitive edge and excitement about the future. The yearly package includes:


  • Life Skills Bootcamp: communications, social media, resume, interviews, email and phone strategies


  • Excellent Extracurriculars: outside the box summer + school year activities


  • Beyond the Basics: transcripts, tutoring, curriculum and course selection


  • Smart Testing Plan: SAT/ACT diagnostic and test prep coaching


  • Purposeful College Visits: organized to inform college selection


  • Cutting Edge Personality and Skill Assessments: the most effective and reliable tests available


  • Best Fit College List: based on preferences, profile + admission trends data


  • Expert Scholarship Recommendations: untapped and “hidden” grants


  • Personalized Reading Lists for Breaks and Summers: designed to delight


  • Advanced Application Strategies: waitlist and scholarship negotiations

A la Carte Hourly Consulting

Anything on your mind regarding your children’s education? We will answer your questions on specific aspects of high school, college and graduate school planning, including essay editing, application proofing, SAT/ACT testing recommendations, study abroad, and gap years. 

additional Services


How is financial aid for college awarded? Learn more here.

Your financial profile, which determines need based aid, is not static: by making early, wise decisions, and by understanding the weighting of each component of the profile, it is possible in some cases to save significantly on college tuition. Another way to save, academic merit aid, is a direct result of GPA and test scores, so again, early planning can have a major impact. Talent based merit aid is awarded based on level of achievement in extracurriculars, and guidance here can yield important results. And then there are scholarships offered by organizations and individuals outside the colleges, which can sometimes be useful. Having our financial aid expert Mike Davila on your team will help with strategic planning.

GAP YEAR pLanning

Gap Years are Trending--and for good reason. Here’s why.

Research shows that students who have taken time between high school and college outperform students who have not on their GPA by at least .5 points. This is a result of greater focus and maturity, so taking time between high school and college can save time on major and career selection. We are proud to have gap year expert Holly Bull on our team, so the year is well planned, rewarding, and pertinent.

Middle and High School PLANNING

Planning for college in middle school? Yes!

Careful selection of schools, core classes, electives, extracurriculars and summer activities lays the strongest foundation for college admissions and scholarships. Let us help you make strategic choices that support your teen's development both as a student and a human being.

Visual, literary & Performing Arts

Highly creative students often feel constrained by the college application process. There is a solution.

Nurturing talent includes selecting the right teachers and mentors, helping students balance their artistic and academic goals, building on strengths and bridging gaps, and showcasing the talent to its best advantage. As the daughter of a composer and the former director of the New York Philharmonic, the Orchestre National de France and the Vienna State Opera among others, Anjali acquired an intimate knowledge of how talent is developed, managed and promoted. She herself is a multi-talented artist in a variety of media including visual arts (Arts Students League, AMOA), photography (Princeton), film (New School and USC), creative writing (Columbia, Warren Wilson, and UCLA), dance (ABT, Harkness, Centre de Danse du Marais), theater (HB Studio), and music (Juilliard teacher). As a result, Anjali has the training, the experience and the instinct to help bring young talent to fruition both for merit scholarships and the joy of mastery.

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