Whether your teenagers are already fully engaged and focused or still in the process of discovering their personal potential, we provide the competitive edge.

As early as middle school, our students identify and grow their academic and extra-curricular gifts -- a game-changer for top tier colleges admissions. We help students create outstanding applications, memorable portfolios, and a clear plan for the future, applying growth mindset throughout. In the long term, by connecting with their passions, building their skills and aligning with their values, students leverage their talents to design a life of purpose.

And we support parents by answering questions promptly, creating a personalized timeline, and helping them to make all the small education decisions, from summer programs to test prep, that add up to success. Our approach is to be strategic while honoring the holistic needs of the teenager.


As a result, we help families transform the dreaded college admissions process into a journey of self-discovery, turning stress and confusion into excitement and inspiration.

We are also committed to enhancing college access among underrepresented communities with our growing non-profit initiative. A portion of revenues supports this mission, so Anja Education clients are making a difference along with us.

Anjali is in a unique class—I’ve never met a college advisor as intentional and truly interested in my son’s well-being as Anjali. I appreciated her balanced, knowledgeable, creative, professional, discerning support. I would highly recommend working with her; well worth the investment!
Renee T, Jonah's mom (Lawrence University)