Aquatic Biology Major and her Mom Discuss the Benefits of Working with Anja Education Consultants

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Three Key Takeaways:

  • Anja Education Consultants provides a strategic and organized approach, helping students manage the college application process without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Their services lessen anxiety and improve outcomes for students, enabling them to secure scholarships and acceptances ahead of their peers.
  • By offering comprehensive services, Anja Education Consultants ensures students find the right fit for colleges and tutors, providing a cost-effective solution for families.

A Strategic and Organized Approach

For many students, the college application process can be overwhelming and stressful. Anja Education Consultants help to alleviate this stress through their organized and strategic approach. As Sarah and her mom explain, the consultants provide bite-sized chunks of information, checklists, and deadlines to help students stay on track. In Sarah's words, "Having everything filled out, having like step by step what I needed to do... really helped me just like getting it done, not being stressed out about it, not being overwhelmed."

Lessening Anxiety and Improving Outcomes

Sarah's mom highlights the importance of Anja Education Consultants in helping her daughter, who has extreme anxiety, navigate the college application process without added stress. "I mean, Sarah has extreme anxiety and she is anxiety-free on this," she says. Additionally, Sarah was able to secure scholarships and acceptances ahead of many of her peers due to the guidance and support provided by Anja Education Consultants.

Finding the Right Fit and Maximizing Value

A major part of the college application process is finding the right fit for each student, whether it's selecting the right college or choosing an SAT tutor. Anja Education Consultants excels in this area, as demonstrated by Sarah's successful experience. Her mom explains, "So the S.A.T. part, I think that they need to look a little not just the fees, but at what how you offer the fit with the person that they're doing it with first." Furthermore, Sarah's mom believes that the comprehensive services offered by Anja Education Consultants provide a cost-effective solution for families. "I think that they'll spend more time and energy doing their own thing, trying to do it, and it'll cause a lot more stress," she says.

The Anja Education Consultants Difference

Anja Education Consultants goes above and beyond to ensure that students not only succeed in the college application process but also grow and develop through the journey. Their holistic approach is designed to transform the process into a journey of self-discovery, and Sarah's experience is a testament to their success. In her words, "I just love it. I just want the parents to realize that they need to start as early as you suggest... and it's worth it. And don't wait. Don't wait. Yes. Sign right up. Just do it."

Video Transcription

So much of the stress that I was relieved of and like time that it took, it was so much easier than just doing it by myself.

And like, it's just, it was a lifesaver. Really, like I, if I could, I'd scream it at the rooftops, to be honest. It's just crazy.

Well, what I liked most about it was how organized you were and you're, and not just you, but everyone that you used in the process.

You had every, you have all the deadlines, you have a checklist, you have, and you do it in a way where it's bite-sized chunks so that they don't feel overwhelmed.

And I think, I thought that was excellent because Sarah's very organized and she needs to have a list.

And I think the good news is, is that you were able to go through it and she was held accountable with you.

You know, y'all work together, but if she needed extra time, you know, you understood, but also kept her on schedule.

And so that was the top thing, I think, just from the standpoint of what I liked most about it.

And then also because you truly got her through before she started her senior year.

And so she was able to start school and go straight into classes and not have that same pressure.

A lot of the other kids were, they were under to get essays done, SAT done, and she already had it all.

She was just waiting for, she was just waiting for acceptances.

She was one of the first, so Sarah went to her college, the college advisor there at the school and said, oh, I've got accepted.

And she started like the first acceptance, I think, was Texas Tech.

I think that was one of the first ones. And she was like the first one from her school.

He was like, wow, Sarah. And then she got like three acceptances. Boom, boom, boom.

And so he was like, wow. And they were, yeah, they were proud of her.

So it's just having that I couldn't imagine not having it.

So I just couldn't tell anybody, everybody, you know, like I want other people to know about it.

So they don't also have to be stressed like I would have been.

And I don't want people to be nervous because they think that it's going to be expensive because you do have it to where they can do the SAT or not do the SAT.

You can do the essay thing or not do the essay.

You know, so I think if they're nervous about it, they just need to look at the cost of everything.

And the fact that, I mean, Sarah has extreme anxiety and she is anxiety free on this.

So if you have someone, if they have a child that has any anxiety or any learning difference or anything, they need this.

Because if not, I think that they won't have the same service if they go to just random places.

Yeah, I think. Yeah. Plus you're nice to deal with and so is your assistant.

Yeah, everyone's nice. Yes. I think like just like having a schedule and being reminded to do it and having support to back me up when I needed to do it.

Having everything filled out, having like step by step what I needed to do.

That really helped me just like getting it done, not being stressed out about it, not being overwhelmed.

It's just like all the processes we went and all the steps that we had in place to make it work.

So that always that was amazing.

Well, I'll just second that in that your your advice that get everything, all the applications done before school starts.

You know, your senior year and then you can relax.

Right. And so when school started, she was one of the only ones in all the people that we knew that had all of her applications done.

And the only thing we had to wait for was the transcripts from her school that we were waiting for.

And she was able to just sit back and, you know, didn't have to stress.

And I think helping helping lessen the anxiety that she was feeling because I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own,

because especially the essay writing and the support with that and the S.A.T.

I mean, her experience was so much better than than what it would have been if we were doing it on our own.

We would not have it would not have worked. Yes. Yeah.

No, but that's the top thing is being done ahead of time and getting your applications in.

And I think a lot of it helped with the essay, the scholarships that she got.

And, you know, because some of the students were not offered some of the scholarships and she got offered right away.

So and it's just like the like I had just enough pressure from everyone to get it done,

but not enough where I felt like anxiety or like scared or nervous or whatever.

And but just like y'all being there kind of to have my back was really nice, just like having all to talk to.

Communication was amazing. So, yeah, and I didn't have to do it.

And that's because as being a parent, you're you know, it's nervous.

You're nerve wracking when you you know, you don't know the process and your advice on all the things you told her,

especially I don't think we would have been considered Texas State if we had not been working with you.

And you said, you know, look at all the different schools and go through it and go visit.

And then it was like a dark horse. It's like, oh, my God. And then you got there and it was like, this is wonderful.

And you said that each school you have a fit and that school. Yeah.

Yeah. Well, so two parts. So the S.A.T. prep.

So I can speak to that because how you did it with the lady that was so private lessons for Sarah,

especially with having had dyslexia and that's going to end anxiety.

This worked great because the lady was so nice and they got along so well.

It was like the again, the perfect fit for her.

And I know you chose that person for her and it helped with Sarah's anxiety and the cost.

So you compare it to any other prep, you know, so she'd had to go to the prep lessons with someone that hadn't been fit with her.

And just, you know, you know, there's no guarantee that you're going to find someone that you like or you're in classes with other people and online.

Maybe, you know, but this worked out great. So the S.A.T. part,

I think that they need to look a little not just the fees, but at what how you offer the fit with the person that they're doing it with first.

And then as far as the college, the college helping the college selection and the research and the essay writing, all of that.

In a way, you can't really put a dollar amount on how much they would save.

So, you know, so my idea is if you did the cost benefit analysis of how much time and energy is it going to take the parent or having them get other people to help.

And so I like the one stop shopping, you know, in that you were able to do all of it versus us having to go out and hire an essay writer, which most people have to do now.

You know, so essay writer, hire somebody to help them figure out about selecting colleges, you know, and for me at colleges.

Yes. And looking at which one. And and so I think because you had it all there, if they really price it and go there, I don't I don't think it'll be cheaper.

I think that they'll spend more time and energy doing their own thing, trying to do it, and it'll cause a lot more stress.

And I'm a big believer in having it done. And and so this worked out great. Yes, it worked out wonderful. Yeah, I just feel like I'm just so grateful to have all of it, just to like be able to have the opportunity to like have you there.

You helping me and everything that came with it, you know, just like I'm so beyond grateful for the support and everything like that.

And it's it's crazy. I just love it. I just want the parents to realize that they need to start as early as you suggest that you think that that the that the time that I thought, oh, wow, it's gonna be a lot of time.

But then as we went through it, it takes the it took those months to do all the things that need to be done.

And so I think people need to understand that you really do have to start earlier than what you think, you know, so you can't just wait till you can't wait till January to start the January of the, you know, your junior year to start doing stuff for this before the summer, because you've got to have already done your research, so they need to know that this timeline that you have truly works.

Yes. So and it's worth it. And don't wait. Don't wait. Yes. Sign right up. Just do it.


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