Admitted to UCLA and UT Austin McCombs, Neha also received $176,000 in scholarships

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Three Key Takeaways:

  • Anja Education Consultants provided Neha with a personalized and strategic approach to the college admissions process, resulting in early admission to UCLA and UT Austin McCombs, as well as $176,000 in scholarships.
  • The Anja Education Consultants team offered diverse strengths that contributed to Neha's success, keeping her motivated and guiding her towards her goals.
  • An investment in Anja Education Consultants is an investment in a student's future, providing personalized support, guidance, and peace of mind during the college admissions process.

A Journey of Growth and Success

Neha, a recent high school graduate, is celebrating her early admission to UCLA and UT Austin McCombs, as well as receiving $176,000 in scholarships. The success is attributed to her hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of Anja Education Consultants. Neha and her parents recount their journey with Anja Education Consultants, which transformed the college admissions process into a journey of self-discovery.

The Power of Reassurance and Guidance

Through Anjali Maazel's program at Anja Education Consultants, Neha found reassurance and guidance in a time of anxiety and uncertainty. "The best part of the whole process is just having reassurance and knowing that everything was going to be okay," Neha explained. This personalized support enabled her to confidently pursue her dreams and achieve success.

The Anja Education Consultants Team

Anja Education Consultants provided Neha with a holistic and strategic approach to her college admissions journey. The team brought different strengths to the table, keeping Neha motivated while guiding her towards her goals. Neha's mother appreciated the team's diverse skill set: "All three types of people [were needed] to make this work."

Investing in the Future

Neha's parents believe that the investment in Anja Education Consultants was worth it, considering the results and peace of mind they received. "I'd rather pay this money and buy my sanity back," Neha's mother said. The personalized support from Anja Education Consultants enabled Neha to find the best opportunities for her future, ultimately leading to her admission to top universities and receiving significant scholarships.

Anja Education Consultants: Transforming the College Admissions Process

Anja Education Consultants' strategic and holistic approach to college admissions has proven invaluable for students like Neha. By providing personalized support and guidance, the team at Anja Education Consultants can help students identify and grow their academic and extracurricular talents, create outstanding applications, and plan for the future using a growth mindset. Parents are supported with expert advice and assistance in making crucial educational decisions. Trust in Anja Education Consultants to transform the college admissions process into a journey of self-discovery and success.

Video Transcription:

(00:00) getting this opportunity to you know go and go out there and you know pursue all the things that I want to is just really great and especially with the early graduation like I never really thought that it would be a possibility to like be able to do this but with anjali's program it gave me so much reassurance and gave me so much guidance along the way knowing that like there are gonna be options for me and that I am going to be fine so I think that was just that was the best part of the whole process is just having reassurance and

(00:32) knowing that everything was going to be okay because especially as a college student it can get very hectic and it can be a very anxious time of the year so having someone and not even just Anjali but all the people that she provides is just something that is so special and so great and I think that any student who is applying to college would would appreciate the same type of um support in their life even during school so well I'm gonna start off I think my mom knows a little bit too about Becky oh I love Becky so she's my essay coach and

(01:05) she was there probably start from start off the bat in October all the way up until I submitted my last essay and she is just amazing she is so passionate about writing and you can tell that she is just so she's so in her own in her work and she's so passionate about what she does that it inspires me to also create the most I can throughout my writing and my mom even knows the stuff that she was able to bring out of me especially because writing can be such a vulnerable place and I think having someone that you feel safe with and

(01:37) having someone you can feel you can express your ideas with with the safe Space is really important because sometimes a lot of people can be writing about things in their college essays that they feel like they can't even talk to their parents about so having Becky was like that for me and I could just say anything or throw any crazy idea out there and she would just listen and I think anything that I've ever wrote like she's she's definitely read every single word and has definitely gave me her

(02:02) feedback on all of it and I think even throughout the process there was no pressure there was no judgment for not being able to write a certain way and I think because we all have different levels of love when it comes to writing some people are more stem based and more you know math and science and I was always like more of a writer so I think having a fellow writer who also loved to do that was just such a collaboration it didn't even feel like doing work it just felt like I was zooming someone zooming

(02:32) with someone every week and just talking about writing and she helped me really narrate my life in a beautiful way and I don't think I would have been able to kind of get out what I was trying to say like sometimes you know what you're trying to say but you don't know exactly how you're supposed to say it and she just was able to help me articulate that really perfectly so yeah but my mom also knows a little bit she was sometimes in on the sessions that I would do with Becky so yeah yeah especially at the beginning we started

(03:01) this process in covet you know quarantine time and we never met anyone of you in person therefore it is it takes time to get the the rhythm going gelling with each other going um but I quickly noticed that um Anjali was this tough love coach and Becky was this person where Neha like you mentioned she never had to like be like concerned about if I tell this what is she gonna think about it she felt so free with her that you know she she she could tell her anything she wanted she she didn't she won't feel judged

(03:39) right and uh the the LinkedIn code yeah Alan um he has taught like you know the what what does the resume looks like now right the things 10 years ago is not anymore and he has taught Neha uh really good base that I even noticed not a lot of people when I go look at neha's uh you know LinkedIn profile as a 16 year old it looks so professional and it looks like somebody who is ready to start working and that's all things it's not for him I don't think even I couldn't have done it right and so all

(04:18) three of you um served a different purpose and I think no one was better than the other I think we needed all three types of people to make this work like you know there's this one person that needs to you know push you a little beyond your limit of what because you can see like it's not easy to work with the teenagers you know that right especially high school they come with they know everything and you know this is what I'm used to and so she came with with the expectation oh I have somebody that's gonna help me apply you

(04:53) know help me with essay but what she didn't know that she had to do all the work and she had to do all the researches and like you mentioned those things are is what is needed to be a college student actually like I was telling you yeah if you can do this you got the college stress I mean it's not going to be as stressful as what you've done so because he had to finish high school work classes exams she had to take ACC classes she had to apply um you know on the side plastic Dance Dimensions in the weekend traveling like

(05:25) two weekends in a row she would travel so if and I was kind of worried about her uh you know mental Wellness at that point and I've always watching her to break down or say okay this is it but she was the I think she was more motivated as the China men but she was telling me like I'm excited to apply for college and it's like my 10th one it's cousins and she knows how to summarize herself such a crisp way because that he has taught her this is how you do it if you want to give somebody and you have this

(05:57) many lines and this many one one minute that's one thing summarize about you what are the things you need to focus and that's not just for college but that is what's unique professional setting in the future and Neha now knows how to do that right because she's done it so many times so it was that too all three of you were like uh I don't know if one was missing I don't think it would have turned out right so I'm so glad I was about to say that was one thing too for any of my fellow like writers who just

(06:28) write a bunch like I just I I'm I tend to say a lot and I think Becky was great at condensing it and in terms of all three of you like together I didn't even have that many meetings with Alan I think I had just one and he was just so great like he even communicated with me through emails even after like reviewed my profile after the time being so I would be able to make little tweaks to it and I think um it also got me more interested in more of the professional world because as a college student you don't really

(06:59) know where your connections lie living in like a very technology-based world right now so having LinkedIn I was able to find professors I was able to find like if I had to talk about a professor in my essay all I had to do was go search up their LinkedIn but I wouldn't have known that before if it wasn't for Anjali introducing the value of that and I think people who who maybe just traditionally just apply to college with just the essay some of these little things go a long way they get they go a long way more than you would ever think

(07:28) so at first I was like LinkedIn like what's that like why is that important but you know what after that like now I just give my LinkedIn to all of my teachers because it's it's a really great way to just tell people who you are and you know give a resume that may not be just on paper but also visually as a as an artist myself it's a great way to Showcase that so I think just like my mom was saying all three of you together brought something different to the table and it was all really important to keep me motivated but also

(07:56) inspired and also you know it's working hard at the same time so yeah and get to interact much with Becky or Allen but I heard great things about them from Neha and how supported they were um and as far as Anjali goes like you know I really appreciate the fact that you know she helped her um um you know with her goals kind of Shifting you know uh she helped her navigate through that and you know and and you know it was challenging to um like aim at the moving Target so to speak so but I think Anjali helped us

(08:33) navigate through that and kind of get to where we want to be and we're happy where we are thank you yeah and I think my expectation is like okay Angela is going to support us and you know let us do what we want to do but help us because we already had a thing in mind of what we want to do but I think Anjali is not afraid to you know point out the things that we should do differently or even the fact that she openly tells us that brings us to you know back to straight line or to a different direction because because we came into

(09:09) the process with what we wanted to do but she was so open um and she was not afraid to speak up her mind you know with all her past experiences and at the end of the day I was telling my friend at the end of the day she's going to advise you and you as parents of the the child is gonna pick right but she's going to give you all the information at the end of the day you're gonna pick what's right for you so at the end you know if it's a full support right uh but with full information so I felt comfortable

(09:39) knowing that okay I have all the information I need to make the decision so thank you so much yeah we I I this process um you know it was one of the most worriedly process for me because otherwise we would have always questioned myself did I do my best did I do everything I can but having you there you knew okay she knew she you knew much more than we knew especially connecting this application process to post covet post quarantine era and the new emergence of the new um the employment right the future 10 years from now all the jobs will be

(10:21) different so you were very uh you know you pointed us to it pointed that to us very early on right don't think about what has been what will be in the next 10 minutes too so we had full support and pretty self-confident has you know and I felt like the process with Anjali was not a cookie cutter process that's one of the things we did meet with her dad set up like two three counseling companies right we interviewed with them they all told us you know you don't need to come now come like last two years of your

(10:56) college and tell us what you want and we'll help you prepare for application all right we also help you with essays and things like that but I think you worked with her from the beginning to understand what is her strength what are her strengths what are her weaknesses and you know also taking into consideration what she could be in the future right um so all those things together is what resulted in this right and I I rather make a decision that way than just go at the end and I don't know if she would have known her better had you

(11:32) known about her like one year before graduating like I mean I mean not much better so I'm glad we got to know you very early on uh you got to know who she was and I think you started to know her more I think you deciding that she's going into like a business major I think it's a surprise for you I think you would think of it as because I don't think you would have thought Neha would pick [Music] I'm just so happy how far she has come with all the information he's given thank you in terms of that I mean like

(12:08) just like my mom said there I remember so vividly during freshman year going through numerous Zoom calls of counselor after counselor and it was all repetitive and it was all General and it all felt it all felt very not geared towards me but rather geared towards like a plethora of students it wasn't it wasn't me that they were trying to sell to but just like everyone and I felt like especially with you like the first thing off the bat is that I like my mom said that I felt like you were really trying

(12:39) to get to know me before getting to know my application and I think that was the most important part because it's ultimately the person and the individual that is like internally going to be what that application is made of so I think that was a really important part so to someone who's on the fence I mean this is a great way to know and ensure that you will be heard and I think that especially like in this process like a lot of times it's just oh your essays need to be this and you know I need to

(13:08) help you with your extracurriculars and this and that but really knowing what you want and like finding finding the best version of that so if something doesn't meet your standard you don't have to settle for it because I feel like in this process you were always trying to find the things that were really the best for me not just you know okay or you know this kind of relates to your major or this is kind of no it was like always right there hitting the Target so I think whatever is because I know you worked with a bunch of people

(13:35) not just artists like myself but even people who are really into stem and even people that really want to go into you know like singing so I have like a lot of I have a lot of like heard like references especially from what you've done not just with me but with other people and I can see that through your work so just when you when it comes to being on the fence I think that it all comes from that like feeling of feeling hurt and I think that that's what you're gonna get in this situation especially

(14:01) as a student it's it's easy to have your parents control who's being picked and your parents control like the whole situation but you on the other hand like let me have the responsibility have the accountability my parents were rarely ever involved through like the beginning of this application process so it was great to see that you were really just solely working with me and it was always asking me how I felt how do you feel about this does this make you happy and I think that's really ultimately what's

(14:29) important and I think parents would want that for their kids as well so that can go dad you want to go yeah so I mean I think this whole you know applying to college is you know it's there's a ton of information out there it's very hard to decide for what's right for you um and depending on how ambitious you are and you know where you want to apply and you know the the kind of schools you want to apply uh you need someone like um Anjali and and the service she provides you know that you know serves

(15:04) as a Guiding Light um the analogy I would like to use is like you're walking through a dark room and you can either you know try to walk through it with no you know and then hope that you get to the other end without stumbling and falling versus you know getting there with with uh with a helping hand and a dining light so you get to where you want and you're successful at it I do believe there's a big Return of the investment in this yes it's a lot of money but at the same time these days even though you spend the

(15:39) money sometimes you don't get what you want in this area then you go to a restaurant anywhere you are never guaranteed that you know you're going to get what you paid for so for me um I knew I couldn't have I I wouldn't know everything I need to know to be able to give the best shot the help at getting the best uh you know possible schools she can because I came from a like a 10 years ago what it takes to apply for a college or 20 years ago what it takes right but things are definitely changing

(16:15) every 10 years you can see uh so I knew for sure I wouldn't have done the best job so I knew I I needed to you know hire somebody and even through all these I always felt good that no matter what school we end up with it would have been the best school and so for me that money uh spending that money and having her land in ut and you know USC um um USC I think I don't I'm not sure I think it's a combination it's not just essay it's not just the application process it's not just the LinkedIn I think it's

(16:56) the combination of everything unique she whatever she wrote she wrote her school her teacher she would co-teachers past works and so I don't think as a parent you're having that little tug of war with your teenager to tell telling them what to do and them thinking okay I'm not gonna do this we are kind of also in that face for me it gave me peace of mind uh it was a very relaxed process and for me I it's a i for this money I got my 70 back you know I'm not I was not I mean we always had the we would talk about all

(17:38) these three people that you introduced to that them and talk about how Jackson they are and so for me I was being an observer uh but if I was involved in her process I read being also some one of the person pushing her to do what I think is right because as parents we have more chance to do that right so um for me I'd rather pay this money and buy my sanity back and uh be there for Neha when she's dressed and when she is feeling overwhelmed my job was to just be the cheerleader and tell her you know what things she has done and what things

(18:15) she will be doing so I think the return of investment for myself for her for her dad I think we are all uh y'all got a piece of mind and our sanity back so I don't think we can put a prize on it so yeah yeah as for the return on investment just to put things in context you know we uh we actually spoke to a couple of um kids you know who had gone to other schools and um and when we talked through their the process that they went through and the kind of support they got and the kind of help they got um it just so happened that you know

(18:55) neither did they have a college counselor or neither did they have much support from their parents and uh and some of them turned out you know okay they they got into pretty good schools but some of them seemed to just kind of wing it and then end up you know wherever it took them um which is not the case with Neha like you know the fact that uh we got all this um help um uh you know it just goes to show that you know it's totally you know work for what we paid for so um and yeah and it's not you know it

(19:33) just doesn't end with the college application or the College admission but um you know these are some of the things the skills that Naya is going to take with her um Beyond you know High School Beyond College um and and this kind of lays the foundation to something much bigger so so when you see in that perspective yeah the the um the money we investor is minuscule so it's a pretty good return on invest so it's very it it's personalized it's not the same for everyone you'll quickly learn that as you as you go through it

(20:12) the same like it's the same theme throughout everything that I've been saying it's just I feel like everything was meant for me like there was nothing that I that I said that you had recommended to me not even things that I just said yes to but things that you had specifically recommended me you'd never recommend me without it being really something that you know I'd want and I think that that was the biggest thing and also listening there was like a big there was a big aspect of you know

(20:37) listening like this is if this is something that you don't want we can accommodate if there's if this is something that may not be up to your standard there's always a different way there was never a we can't do this or this can't be done I mean especially in my case it's very unorthodox like and you would have never thought like that this could have happened but I I mean that's the thing you you at in the end it was okay there is a possibility you could take this way out so I think in

(21:02) terms of that you never really said like no like this is something you can do and I think that's the biggest thing like you're always being encouraged there's never there's never a closed door on you every door is opening and there's only so many doors like that you're able to open and I think that you were able to guide me through there and you never had like you never restricted me from saying that oh this is maybe something you shouldn't do if it was something that I felt so strongly about you were always

(21:30) really open to it and would expand upon that idea and you would remember that from on and then and then you would go off of that okay she said she liked this so what am I gonna find for her not so it was very it was it wasn't just oh you said this one thing at the beginning of the year and this is what we're doing for the rest and I'm gonna plan it and you're gonna do it it was very okay so this didn't work out and that's okay now let's try something new and I think that is just refreshing because a lot of

(21:54) times you find these these counselors and you can see that it's super repetitive it's the same it's the same speeches it's the same advice and I think that my advice was super geared towards me and I and I can I can state that and that can be something that is um really like really true to me because I know that there wasn't really any applicant like me or there was never I never really found an applicant that was that had the similar like Niche or the similar um personality of like application

(22:22) personnel reality that I had is what they like to call it the application personality so like the things I was interested in and the kind of the route that I wanted to go I didn't really find anyone who was like me to so to see that she so quickly just accommodated that and was so quickly like yeah we can get this on board like we just have to do some more research and she would always come back with more opportunities and more things that she found there was never a you know this is the this is the dead end and this is about it there's

(22:46) never that so I think that was the biggest thing is that you can find whatever whatever you really want to find you can find it here so so for people that are you know you know Anjali she will work with the children she will provide the tough love to make sure that you know you know every penny you spend is worthwhile yet at the same time she's gonna uh you know she she will make the kids like make them understand she won't judge them right every time you ask like Neha never felt judged right he would

(23:27) ask in a question in such a way that how that's going to add value to neha's future you know her passion right so I uh yeah so I I'm pretty happy with the outcome um and I'm uh you know very appreciative of all the help and support we got from um Anjali and Dean she never came back really at the end of meeting right she received everything you said very well I don't know how you did it but uh I think it was because she was very encouraging like it was the this is a lot but I'm giving it to you because I know you can

(24:09) do it it's not I'm giving it to you because I know that you might finish it barely it's because I know you can fully do it so so she was always encouraged and happy and she was never yeah it is overwhelming because the amount of work but other than that she was always really happy to okay like she never once said oh I have to have a meeting or he was she was always happy to do the work right um yeah whatever the advice you give her throughout this whole process she believed whatever we are doing is for

(24:41) her own good and this is what every parent hopes to have their child why because sometimes it can clever the relationship because you're not being patient enough with the other that's why I step back and I'm watching her and she is always encouraged and always happy and you know 10 applications he is happy to like know you know write more essays so

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