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Beyond grades and scores—discover a college admissions journey that values your genuine passion and purpose.



of students admitted to one of their top choice schools


Anja students' merit or talent scholarship range


Anja students received scholarships

Where Our Students Have Been Accepted

Our students have secured their places at top-tier universities not just by their academic achievements, but by showcasing their authentic selves. They've been accepted into:

  • Yale University
  • Stanford University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Swarthmore College
  • University of Texas at Austin

...and many others. With Anja Education, find where your genuine passions can take you.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

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Meet Anjali Maazel

As a former Princeton University interviewer, TED Talk speaker, and the visionary behind Anja Education Consultants, Anjali Maazel has dedicated her career to helping students realize their college aspirations. With a 100% success rate in getting clients admitted to at least one of their top three schools, Anjali combines her personal experience as a parent with her professional expertise to provide unparalleled support to families navigating the college admissions process.

How We Can Help

At Anja Education Consultants, we provide comprehensive support tailored to your unique college admissions journey. Our services include:

  • Strategic Application Planning: Navigating the complexity of college applications with ease.
  • Interview Preparation: Leveraging our insider experience to help you stand out.
  • Essay Writing Assistance: Crafting compelling narratives that capture your unique voice.
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Guidance: Maximizing your opportunities for funding.
  • Stress and Time Management Strategies: Keeping your application process smooth and stress-free.

Hear From Our Students and Their Families

Discover the difference Anja Education Consultants has made in the lives of students and parents alike. Our testimonials feature real stories of success, growth, and transformation. Click the videos below to hear directly from those who have walked this path with us and emerged victorious.


Gaby R, Boston University
Student Admitted to her Top Choice College


Ari S, Cornell University
Computer Science Major Accepted to his Top Choice College


Sarah P, Texas State University
Aquatic Biology Major Admitted to All the Colleges she Applied to with Tens of Thousands in Scholarships


Isabel O, NYU
NYU Gallatin School Major Admitted to her Top Choice College


Raymond A, Cornell University
Cornell Engineering Major Admitted to his Top Choice College


Georgia L, Cal Poly SLO
Environmental Studies Major Admitted to 10 Schools and is Attending One of her Top Choices, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Neha G, UCLA and UT Austin McCombs
Admitted to UCLA and UT Austin McCombs. $176,000 in Scholarships


Devin A, University of Texas
Student with $222,000 in Scholarships Admitted to All his 10 Schools


Ayden T, Baylor University of Scholars
Pre-Med Student with Honors Admissions and $378,000 in Scholarships


Belicia B, USF
Marine Biology Major Admitted to her Top Choice Colleges

Ready to Ace College Admissions?

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