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Twins Attending TCU and OU Majoring in Sports Broadcasting and History/Physics


Three Key Takeaways:

  • Anja Education Consultants provides expert guidance, helping families navigate the college application process with ease and confidence.

  • Their structured approach and personalized support enable students to identify suitable colleges, craft compelling applications, and develop essential skills.

  • Investing in Anja Education Consultants can lead to a positive return on investment, with students earning scholarships that more than cover the cost of the service.


The College Application Journey: A Family's Perspective

Matthew, Ashley, and their mom share their experience navigating the college application process with Anja Education Consultants. As the mom of twins approaching their senior year, she knew she needed help guiding them through the complex process of applying to college. "It's been a few years since I applied to college," she admits, "and I didn't want to be in the position where I was trying to be the resource and be the ringleader."

Anja Education: An Advocate and Guide

Anja Education Consultants, led by Anjali Maazel, provided invaluable assistance and guidance throughout the college application process. The mom appreciated having Anjali as an advocate and expert, setting expectations and timelines for her children. This allowed her to step back and focus on being a supportive parent rather than a taskmaster.

Finding the Right College and Crafting Essays

Matthew highlights two critical aspects of the process where Anja Education Consultants made a significant difference: identifying suitable colleges and writing essays. He says, "I would have been lost on both of those things," but with the help of Anja Education, he and his sister were able to narrow down their options and create compelling applications.

Ashley agrees, adding that Anja Education's firm deadlines and structured approach made it easier for her to stay on track. She also found the brainstorming and essay support from Anjali's team extremely helpful.

Fostering Self-Discovery and Skills

Anja Education's tools and guidance not only helped the twins find the right college fit but also facilitated self-discovery and skill development. Matthew reflects on how the process taught him more effective research skills and improved his persuasive writing abilities. "It was more like learning research skills but wasn't the kind of research I learned in school," he shares. "Just figuring out what I want and knowing what I want to go after."

An Investment Worth Making

The family's investment in Anja Education Consultants paid off, with Matthew and Ashley receiving a scholarship that more than covered the cost of the service. The mom wholeheartedly recommends Anjali and her team to other families, praising their knowledge, guidance, and ability to structure the college application process effectively. "Working with you was just invaluable and saved my sanity," she concludes.

Anja Education Consultants: Transforming the College Admissions Journey

Anja Education Consultants offers students and their families the support and guidance they need to navigate the competitive and complex college admissions process. With their strategic, holistic approach, Anjali Maazel and her team turn this challenging endeavor into a journey of self-discovery and skill-building. Visit Anja Education Consultants to learn more about how they can help your family through this critical stage of life.

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