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Student with $222,000 in Scholarships Admitted to All his 10 Schools


Three Key Takeaways:

  • Anja Education Consultants provides a high return on investment, offering not only merit scholarships but also a wealth of opportunities for their students.

  • The one-on-one essay guidance and personalized attention from Anja Education Consultants are invaluable in helping students craft outstanding applications.

  • The streamlined process and clear timelines provided by Anja Education Consultants ensure that students stay on track and maximize their chances of success in the college admissions process.


An Investment that Pays for Itself

Devin and his mom are living proof of the success that can come from working with Anja Education Consultants. As Devin's mom puts it, the return on investment is worth "100%." This is not only due to the merit scholarships that Devin received, totaling $222,000, but also the wide range of opportunities now available to him. She believes that without Anja Education Consultants, these opportunities might not have been attainable for Devin.

One-on-One Essay Guidance: A Game Changer

For Devin, the one-on-one essay sessions with Anjali and her team were invaluable. They dedicated ample time to addressing his questions and helping him craft his college essays. As Devin notes, "They really did help greatly and I really do appreciate it."

The personal attention and guidance provided by Anja Education Consultants are unmatched by any online resource or YouTube video. As Devin puts it, "it's not the same as having y'all there holding our hands, guiding us...and giving us the tips and resources needed to get into the college of our dreams."

A Highly Recommended Program

Both Devin and his mom have only positive things to say about their experience with Anja Education Consultants. They appreciated the hand-holding throughout the process, which ultimately led Devin to receive merit scholarships and acceptances from all ten universities he applied to.

Devin's younger brother, who initially hesitated to enroll in the program, is now eager to join after witnessing Devin's success. His mom states, "It's a's a win-win for everybody."

Top-Notch Essay Guidance and Streamlined Process

Devin and his mom both agree that the essay guidance provided by Anja Education Consultants was crucial in securing the merit scholarships and acceptances. They also praise the clear timelines and structure provided, which kept Devin on track throughout the application process.

According to Devin's mom, "the process is great. It's very streamlined. So you really can't mess it up." She adds that the one-stop-shop approach to applying to multiple universities saves time and ensures that students are consistently on target.

Choose Anja Education Consultants for Success

Anja Education Consultants' strategic and holistic approach to the college admissions process has made a significant impact on Devin and his family. From the essay guidance to the tailored advice, their support has been instrumental in Devin's achievements.

With a proven track record of success, there's no better time to consider Anja Education Consultants for your college admissions journey. Transform the application process into an enriching experience of self-discovery with their expert guidance and support.

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