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Student Attending CU Boulder Admitted to his Top 2 Choices


Three Key Takeaways:

  • Anja Education Consultants provide personalized attention and support, helping students make informed decisions about their college choices.

  • Anjali Maazel and her team assist students in crafting compelling and authentic personal essays, ensuring the best possible outcome for their applications.

  • The investment in Anja Education Consultants offers a significant return in terms of both college admissions success and reduced stress for families navigating the process.


The College Application Process

College applications can be daunting for students and their families. Dash, a student attending CU Boulder, shares his experience working with Anjali Maazel of Anja Education Consultants. Dash states, "I had no idea where I was going to go at all, and then you gave me like a pretty big list I could choose from and sort and criteriaize." Anjali's guidance allowed Dash to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to his admission to his top two college choices.

Personalized Attention and Availability

One of the key aspects that Dash and his parents appreciated about working with Anjali was her direct, get-it-done attitude and the personalized attention she provided. Dash's mom says, "I also appreciate that over the process, you made a real effort to get to know Dashiell, and even during his essay writing and everything, it wasn't about how can we make this the best essay about some spectacular person. It was really all about him." Dash's dad also praised Anjali's availability and commitment to her clients, emphasizing that "if we needed you, you were available."

The Essay Writing Process

An essential part of the college application process is crafting a compelling and authentic personal essay. Anjali's team at Anja Education Consultants worked closely with Dash to create an essay that truly represented him. Dash shares, "My essays were really good. I would say that my essay wouldn't have nearly been as good if I had to write it myself or if I just went to like a seven-day camp, like a thing where they help you write your essay."

The Return on Investment

In the end, the investment in Anja Education Consultants proved worthwhile for Dash and his family. Dash's dad says, "Yeah, for me, the ROI is just, you know, the end result was he got into a good school. Two good schools that we knew. Well, he got into like his top choice actually. Top two choices." Dash's mom adds, "But yeah, no, definitely a great investment all the way around. I mean, you took so much of the stress off of us and not only just the particulars of what to do but just the stress and the worrying about things. That, to me, is a huge return on investment."

Choose Anja Education Consultants

Anjali Maazel and her team at Anja Education Consultants provide students and their families with the support and guidance needed to navigate the college admissions process. Their strategic and holistic approach helps students identify and grow their academic and extracurricular talents, create outstanding applications, and plan for the future using a growth mindset. Anja Education Consultants supports parents by providing guidance and helping with educational decisions, ultimately transforming the college admissions process into a journey of self-discovery. Choose Anja Education Consultants to gain the competitive edge in college admissions.

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