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Robotics/Mechanical Engineering Major with 100K in Scholarships


Three Key Takeaways:

  • Anja Education Consultants' personalized approach to college selection helps students find the best fit for their interests and strengths.

  • Open communication and expert guidance from Anja Education Consultants make the college admissions process more manageable and successful.

  • The support and essay writing assistance provided by Anja Education Consultants can lead to multiple college acceptances and significant scholarship offers.


Personalized College Selection

Jeffrey's mom appreciated the customized approach Anja Education Consultants took in helping her son identify the right college for him. They discussed important factors such as campus life, majors, and the overall fit, rather than just applying to prestigious schools for their reputation. She felt this personalized approach was crucial in ensuring that Jeffrey's final college choice was well-researched and suitable for his needs.

Assessments and Admissions Insights

Anja Education Consultants provided valuable information about the admissions process, ensuring that Jeffrey and his family understood that it wasn't a personal reflection on him. They also used personality tests to help Jeffrey find the best fit for his interests and strengths. As a result, Jeffrey was accepted into seven out of the ten schools he applied to, with several scholarship offers.

Effective Communication and Guidance

For Jeffrey, the most helpful aspect of working with Anja Education Consultants was the ease of communication with his consultant. He found the process confusing, but Anjali’s team prompt responses to his messages made it much more manageable. Jeffrey's mom also appreciated the open lines of communication, allowing her to trust the process and let Jeffrey take the lead in his college journey.

Essay Writing Assistance

Jeffrey benefitted from the expert feedback he received on his essays, which helped him refine his voice and make his writing more focused. He believes that the assistance he received with his essays played a significant role in his college acceptances.

Empowering Students to Take Charge

Jeffrey's mom praised Anja Education Consultants for empowering her son to lead the process, allowing it to be his own journey. She felt confident that they were guiding him in the right direction and appreciated that she and her husband could take a step back and let Jeffrey make his own decisions.

Recommending Anja Education Consultants

Both Jeffrey and his mom highly recommend Anja Education Consultants for students who feel lost or need help navigating the complex college admissions process. They credit the guidance and support they received for Jeffrey's successful college applications and scholarships.

Discover Success with Anja Education Consultants

Anja Education Consultants provides students with a competitive edge in the college admissions process, supporting them in identifying and growing their academic and extracurricular talents. By offering personalized guidance, effective communication, and expert assistance with essays and admissions, they help students transform the college admissions process into a journey of self-discovery.

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