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Life Purpose: A Key Tool for Well-Being and College Admissions

Updated: Jun 22

The science of purpose shows the mental and physical health benefits of aligning our lives with what matters most to us. Discover how purpose plays into the college planning experience, not only short term as a powerful strategy for admissions but long term for students well-being. Instead of leading our teens to play the Destination Admissions Game, we can encourage them to begin exploring how they might be able to use their talents to benefit the local and global community.
Check out this list of selected research on the science of purpose:

Purpose in Life and Use of Preventive Health Care Services: Purpose in Life and Reduced Risk of MyoCardial Infarction, Journal of Behavioral Medicine Feb 2012: Purpose in Life and Reduced Risk of Stroke: Purpose in Life and Sleep Disturbances, Journal Behavioral Medicine 2015: Journal of Substance Abuse 2011: Purpose and Suicide Prevention:,,

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