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Contemporary Vocal Performance Major Attending her Top Pick School, California Institute of the Arts

Updated: Jun 22

Grace and her mom share their experience with the 4-year guidance they received from Anja Education Consultants:
"Thanks to Anjali's help, I was able to get a $20,000 scholarship per year to my top pick school which is the California Institute of the Arts!

If you’re a prospective student, trust that you’re in wonderful hands. Anjali will get you well-rounded and she’ll truly care about you like family."
Grace S.

"Mental health is very challenging so we were really grateful that Anjali stopped and checked in on her as a person and as a young woman, making the process a lot better and that also built a really wonderful relationship. We love her dearly and we are very grateful for her because she goes far beyond just academic learning and growth."
Maria, Grace's Mom

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