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College Admission Success Story: Cornell Engineering Major


Three Key Takeaways:

  • Anja Education Consultants offers invaluable resources, such as writing coaches and organizational tools, to help students navigate the college application process.

  • Crafting powerful essays and supplementals is crucial in securing a spot at prestigious universities like Cornell Engineering.

  • Working with Anja Education Consultants is a worthwhile investment, as it can significantly impact a student's future opportunities and network.


The Excitement of Cornell Engineering

Raymond, a future Cornell Engineering student, is thrilled about attending the prestigious university. He looks forward to the campus experience, the school's strong network, and its proximity to his home. By working with Anja Education Consultants, Raymond was able to secure a spot at this top-tier engineering program, setting him up for a successful future.

The Power of Coaching and Organization

Anja Education Consultants provided Raymond with invaluable resources, such as a writing coach, a timeline, and checklists to ensure he had everything in order. Raymond emphasized the importance of these resources, stating, "Definitely the writing coach... the timeline and the checklists... make sure that everything is in order, so you're not missing anything."

Essays and Supplementals: The Heart of College Applications

For Raymond, the most crucial aspect of the college application process was crafting impactful essays and supplementals. Anja Education Consultants' writing coach played an essential role in this, guiding him through the process and helping him develop strong, memorable pieces that showcased his strengths and interests.

A Supportive and Understanding Partner

Raymond appreciated the understanding and supportive nature of his writing coach. Despite the fact he occasionally missed deadlines, his coach remained patient and guided him throughout the entire process. Raymond acknowledged the unpredictability of college admissions, stating, "Anything can go whatever way, you can't really predict what's going to happen,” but with Anja Education, you can ensure that you have submitted the best applications possible.

Investing in the College Admissions Journey

Working with Anja Education Consultants provides a significant advantage in the college admissions process. Raymond considered it a worthwhile investment, as it altered the course of his life by helping him secure a place at Cornell Engineering. He asserted, "Where you go to college... determines the network that you have access to, your opportunities... it's really like something that alters the course of your life."

Experience Success with Anja Education Consultants

Anja Education Consultants transforms the college admissions process into a journey of self-discovery, providing students with a competitive edge. Their strategic and holistic approach supports students and parents alike, ensuring the best possible outcomes for each individual. By investing in Anja Education Consultants' services, you can secure a brighter future and a strong college network.

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