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Art History Major attending University of Washington


Three Key Takeaways:

  • Anja Education Consultants' brainstorming and organizational support can help students stay on track and meet deadlines during the college application process.

  • Experiential learning opportunities, such as summer school programs facilitated by Anja Education Consultants, can help students discover their passions and choose the right major.

  • Anja Education Consultants' personalized support and encouragement can motivate students to stay focused and improve their college applications, ensuring they reach their full potential.


Excitement for University Life

Edna, an incoming student at the University of Washington, eagerly anticipates her college journey, highlighting the campus life and beautiful environment: "I'm most excited for, I would say campus life, and then also like their campus is really beautiful with all the cherry blossom and stuff."

Brainstorming and Staying Organized

During the college application process, Edna found the brainstorming and organizational support provided by Anja Education Consultants invaluable. She shares, "When I'm writing the essays, the brainstorming really helped me a lot, and then list down the things that I need to do really helped my procrastination." The guidance and encouragement from the team ensured that she stayed on track and met her deadlines.

Discovering a Passion for Art History

Thanks to Anja Education Consultants, Edna had the opportunity to attend a summer school program that helped her decide on her major. She recounts, "After I went to the summer school, I really made my decision on which major I'm going to choose because like it really showed me a lot about art history, and I found it interesting."

Navigating the College Application Process with Anja Education Consultants

Edna acknowledges the challenges of the college application process but credits Anja Education Consultants with making it significantly more manageable. She says, "I would say that the college application process is rather really hard. But like, with the help from Anjali’s team, it's like a great way to improve yourself and also improve the application process." Edna believes her application wouldn't have been complete without the support she received.

Personalized Support and Encouragement

The Anja Education Consultants team, including Anjali, provided Edna with the personalized support and motivation she needed to stay on top of her application. She appreciates their encouragement and guidance, stating, "I sometimes procrastinate, but she [Anjali] would encourage me to finish my deadline as soon as possible."

Unlock Your College Potential with Anja Education Consultants

Anja Education Consultants' strategic and holistic approach transforms the college admissions process into a journey of self-discovery. With expert guidance, personalized support, and a focus on helping students identify and grow their academic and extracurricular talents, Anja Education Consultants can make the application process more manageable and enjoyable. Trust Anja Education Consultants to help you unlock your college potential and pave the way to a successful future.

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