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Aquatic Biology Major and her Mom Discuss the Benefits of Working with Anja Education Consultants

Updated: Apr 23, 2023


Three Key Takeaways:

  • Anja Education Consultants provides a strategic and organized approach, helping students manage the college application process without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Their services lessen anxiety and improve outcomes for students, enabling them to secure scholarships and acceptances ahead of their peers.

  • By offering comprehensive services, Anja Education Consultants ensures students find the right fit for colleges and tutors, providing a cost-effective solution for families.


A Strategic and Organized Approach

For many students, the college application process can be overwhelming and stressful. Anja Education Consultants help to alleviate this stress through their organized and strategic approach. As Sarah and her mom explain, the consultants provide bite-sized chunks of information, checklists, and deadlines to help students stay on track. In Sarah's words, "Having everything filled out, having like step by step what I needed to do... really helped me just like getting it done, not being stressed out about it, not being overwhelmed."

Lessening Anxiety and Improving Outcomes

Sarah's mom highlights the importance of Anja Education Consultants in helping her daughter, who has extreme anxiety, navigate the college application process without added stress. "I mean, Sarah has extreme anxiety and she is anxiety-free on this," she says. Additionally, Sarah was able to secure scholarships and acceptances ahead of many of her peers due to the guidance and support provided by Anja Education Consultants.

Finding the Right Fit and Maximizing Value

A major part of the college application process is finding the right fit for each student, whether it's selecting the right college or choosing an SAT tutor. Anja Education Consultants excels in this area, as demonstrated by Sarah's successful experience. Her mom explains, "So the S.A.T. part, I think that they need to look a little not just the fees, but at what how you offer the fit with the person that they're doing it with first."

Furthermore, Sarah's mom believes that the comprehensive services offered by Anja Education Consultants provide a cost-effective solution for families. "I think that they'll spend more time and energy doing their own thing, trying to do it, and it'll cause a lot more stress," she says.

The Anja Education Consultants Difference

Anja Education Consultants goes above and beyond to ensure that students not only succeed in the college application process but also grow and develop through the journey. Their holistic approach is designed to transform the process into a journey of self-discovery, and Sarah's experience is a testament to their success. In her words, "I just love it. I just want the parents to realize that they need to start as early as you suggest... and it's worth it. And don't wait. Don't wait. Yes. Sign right up. Just do it."

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