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karen L, University of PENNSYLVANIA

"I most appreciated the fact that Anjali was really passionate about ensuring my success throughout the college process, from giving feedback on my essays to conducting a mock interview to reviewing my music supplement videos. In terms of essay feedback, I found the quick turnaround rate and mutual communication throughout the editing process to be extremely helpful. Through working together, I found the quality of my essays reached a new level that I may not have been able to achieve alone. I would recommend Anjali to other families because I think it can definitely be really helpful to have another set of eyes on college essays and to have help throughout the college process. She definitely helped me put my best foot forward through the essays and interviews.

Civil/Environmental Engineering

"I strongly recommend Anjali to college applicants and their families. She is extremely experienced, with a keen understanding of students. She knows how to help them reach their full potential. And the communication was great! She is patient and always willing to help. Her professionalism and sense of responsibility reassured me during the application process and eventually helped me get admitted to Stanford. To me, she is not only a counselor, but also a good mentor."

KEVIN L, McCombs School of business, UT AUstin

“I am so grateful to Anjali! She has helped me in many ways through this process, and I am so glad about the way everything turned out. I can't thank her enough!”


BSA Major (Science & ART)

"I would definitely recommend Anjali as a college consultant. She worked so hard with me and answered all my questions so patiently! I had both an art portfolio and my regular applications as a double major applicant, so I had a lot to prepare. In the end, I was accepted by my dream school, CMU, and I would not have gotten there without Anjali and all the help she gave me!"


“We would absolutely recommend Anjali. This process was painless from the parent perspective, and our daughter felt supported throughout the process. She received feedback on every essay and was able to practice for interviews. Anjali helped her find schools that would be a good fit. She helped her identify her unique strengths so that she could highlight them in the applications. She kept her on schedule. This process can be so overwhelming, but by having reasonable deadlines and consistent follow ups, Anjali made the process doable and reduced so much of the anxiety - for her and for us.”


Melissa R, Ellen's mother

Tom C, vanderbilt University


The thing I appreciated the most working with Anjali is that she tries to know you. She did her best not only to teach me the technical aspects of applying to college and keep me on schedule but also tried to help me find my interests and passion. She personalizes your whole plan, academics, extracurriculars, and helps you focus on essays that are really about you.

James R, University of Virginia (out of state student)
$213,000 in Scholarships

"I appreciated that Anjali was always positive and always had my best interest in mind. The college applications process can be quite stressful at times and she always encouraged me to remain positive and accept that I would end up where I am meant to be.

The most helpful things were her guidance on essays, interviews, and my timeline. I was especially stressed before my first college interview and she helped me prepare for it by doing a practice interview. This made the real interview much easier than it would have otherwise. Using her timeline allowed me to finish all my essays well ahead of the deadlines, as well as ensure all necessary actions were taken prior to submitting my applications. So each application was 100 percent ready to go before I submitted!

She truly cared about my well-being. Regardless of where I ended up going, she wanted me to be at a place where I would be happy and become the best possible version of myself. Additionally, I would recommend her because she knows how difficult the college applications process is, which she made clear at the beginning of the process. It is easy to underestimate how difficult the process is. She encouraged me to work hard in order to stand out in a competitive pool. I would not want anything done differently!"

"Anjali's support and patience with deadlines, considering James' competing obligations of school and tennis season, was greatly appreciated.  He needed to reschedule meetings with her and extend deadlines, and

our story in numbers SINCE 2014


Anja students admitted to at least one of their top choice schools.


Anja students received scholarships.



Anja students' merit or talent scholarship range.


2022 average total scholarships

received per student.

admissions INCLUDE:


Abertay University, UK

American University

Amherst College

Arizona State University

Barnard College

Baylor University

Bennington College

Bocconi University, Italy

Boston University

Bowdoin College

Brunel University, UK

Bucknell University

Cal Arts (California Institute of the Arts)

Carnegie Mellon University

Carleton College

Clark University

Cornell University

Colgate University

Columbia College Chicago

Dartmouth College

DePaul University

Drexel University

Duke University

Emerson College

Elon University

Franklin Olin College of Engineering

Georgia Tech

Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Goucher College

Hampshire College

Imperial College London, UK

Indiana University - Bloomington

Ithaca College

Johns Hopkins University

King's College London, UK

Lehigh University

Lewis and Clark College

Macalester College

Maryland Institute College of Art

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

McGill University

Miami University

Miami University - Oxford

Michigan State University

Mount Holyoke College

New York University

New School for Social Research

Northeastern University

Occidental College

Ohio State University

Penn State University

Pepperdine University

Point Park University

Pratt Institute

Purdue University

Queen Mary University London, UK

Reed College

Rhode Island School of Design

Rice University

Rochester Institute of Technology

SCAD (Savannah School of Design)

Sciences Po (Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris), France

Skidmore College

Stanford University

St. John's College

St. Olaf College

Swarthmore College

Syracuse University

Temple University


Texas A&M University - College Station

Texas State University - San Marcos

Trinity University

Tufts University

Tulane University

University of Birmingham, UK

University of California - Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz

University of Colorado - Boulder

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign

University of Manchester, UK

University of Maryland

University of Massachusetts - Amherst 

University of Miami

University of Michigan

UNC - Chapel Hill, Greensboro

University of Pennsylvania

University of Rochester

University of Texas - Austin, Dallas, San Antonio

University of Oklahoma

University of Oregon

University of Washington - Seattle

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Vanderbilt University

Vassar College

Villanova University

Washington University in St. Louis

Wesleyan University

William & Mary
Williams College

Yale University

she met him where he was at and alleviated some of his stress. She was  also incredibly responsive when he contacted her. It was wonderful.

We really didn’t understand the current environment of the college application process. We previously thought, 'he worked hard in his academic and extracurricular endeavors, and he will be able to go to the schools he chooses.' Anjali showed us there were no 'safety' schools and exposed the many issues facing the college application process today.

The schedule she established was useful for his overall planning, and reviewing the applications for any errors with him prior to submission was reassuring. Her knowledge and attention to detail helped him navigate the process more confidently.


I have already recommended Anjali to friends. Her knowledge and experience in the college application process was extremely helpful."


Katie B., James' mom

Hannah Z, Barnard college
Film and Gender Studies

One of the most important differences between Anjali and some other consultants is that she truly cares about the future of each student and looks for the best fit  schools. Throughout the application process, she kept inspiring me and helped me discover what kind of person I am and what I want to do in college. She gave me great feedback for my essays, but insisted I use my own writing style.


Parents need to realize college is a step for future but not the end of the future, choosing a school that will bring students a great college experience and help them to develop comprehensively. Anjali can help students and parents to make the right decision and choose a path that suits them. She can bring families a big picture of college application and help them to see the future more clearly. Also, I didn’t only learn about college applications but also gained so many skills that I believe will be beneficial for me in the long run. 


Anjali is also a great consultant for students interested in applying to art related major in colleges. For me personally, I got a chance to work with a director Anjali knew to prepare my film profile. As a result, I not only gained great help in completing it, but also got to know the film industry from a professional director.


"I worked with Anjali on my essays and would recommend her for sure! I was struggling how to communicate ideas to be consistent with the word limits. It was helpful to discuss what I wanted to say and brainstorm various ways of expressing my thoughts, especially for the common app essay. Anjali offered very useful suggestions on packaging ideas into a form that worked."

Spencer R, Emory University
$240,000 in Scholarships

"I appreciated your professionalism and responsiveness.  Spencer and I felt supported all the way through the process, which was very foreign to us, the US application procedure being totally different to those in Europe and the UK.


I very much liked that you began with an interests and strengths assessment and then a chat about future jobs which would be suitable to Spencer’s profile.  This made it easier for us to choose colleges.

I already have recommended you to friends, for the same reasons I chose you--your very helpful guidance through a complicated and foreign process for us as Europeans."


Camilla R, Spencer's mom

Guillermo F, NYU ED


"You gave us excellent advice! Your experience helped us to develop a strategy to apply to NYU and navigate the application process. Your recommendations to improve Guillermo’s essay and also your advice on alternative majors to consider were especially useful. You also helped me to communicate better with my son. I just wish I had met you earlier in the process!"


Angeles F, mother of Guillermo



“First, I really appreciate Anjali’s work ethic. Not only did she always give feedback on my essays on time, she always inspired me to come up with new ideas. What’s more, she helped me prepare for my interviews. I would recommend her to other students because working with Anjali is not just about college applications, but also about finding the right path in future studies and career. She helped me discover a lot more regarding my academic interests.

ALAN L, university of washington


“Thank you for all the work and effort you have gave me. It was wonderful to work with someone with musical background that I could relate and talk to. The work sessions we had were an eye opener to both the educational system and to life. Thank you for your support and affection.”

Ayden Thoma, Baylor University Honors
$287,000 in scholarships

"The thing that I appreciated most about working with Ms. Maazel is her effort to get to know me not only as one of her clients, but as a person. She always asked about my family, school, work, and other factors in my life that created a friendly environment within every video conference that we had. Especially useful was the spreadsheet that included every aspect of the application process, including things that I would not have considered such as sending thank you letters to my academic recommenders and cleaning up my social media presence. 

I would recommend Ms. Maazel to other families because of her incredible knowledge in the college application process, the effort she puts into both getting to know her clients and finding what universities best fit our needs, as well as taking an immeasurable amount of stress off of my parents. Her help allowed me to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships, something that would not have been possible without her help. I just wish I had started with her earlier than the end of my junior year."

Owen S, Sciences Po
(Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris), France

I recommend Anjali to parents and students who want to increase chances of admission to the most competitive university programs around the world. She and the counselor she trained helped me understand the most effective admission strategy given my profile. They guided with me with my list of universities, resume preparation,  and especially the personal statement, which for Sciences Po was the 'lettre de motivation'. Anjali’s methodical approach, creativity and attention to detail helped me produce the best writing I was capable of and helped me to show how my academic and extracurricular background were especially relevant to the colleges on my list. She took a lot of the stress out of the process, and it was even fun working with her! With an admission rate of under 10%, Sciences Po was a major challenge. It was also my dream school, and I truly thank Anjali for helping me get there!

Lisa C, bryn Mawr College


I thank Anjali so much for her help! I could not have done it without her!"

Grace S, Cal ARTS (california institute of the arts)


Anjali stayed on top of the plan for our daughter.  She scheduled appointments regularly and kept the momentum going toward that final goal of college acceptance.  Anjali was not only an education mentor, but she took the time to get to know Grace and offer personal guidance and love. Anjali became one of the most important people in my daughter’s life as she navigated through four years of high school and future planning. Having Anjali there as a mentor has been a gift! I would recommend Anjali to other families as she is very well-versed in the field of education. She has many contacts in the field and so much experience in what colleges want in their candidates. She is also stays abreast of the ongoing changes in college education.


Maria S, Grace's mom

Full RIDe SCholarship from CU BOULDER

“Thank you so much for the help in my application process. Your gentle support and excellent bedside manner has made it much less stressful than it could have been, and your help has ensured a consistent high quality of work throughout my applications.”

TONY d, Rice University

96K scholarship recipient from tulane

“Anjali was very skilled both in helping me with essays and applications, and as a friend. Because she got to know me well and I felt comfortable talking to her, she was able to guide me both in writing successful essays and presenting my life story and who I am through only words and pictures submitted online. Under her guidance, I decided to study architecture and got into Rice University.”

Jonah t, Lawrence university

“Anjali is in a unique class—I’ve never met a college advisor as intentional and truly interested in my son’s well-being as Anjali. I appreciated her balanced, knowledgeable, creative, professional, discerning support. I would highly recommend working with her; well worth the investment!”

Renee T, Jonah's mom




“We have been fortunate to be able to work with Anjali from the beginning of my daughter’s freshman year in high school. She has always made the priority helping Megan narrow down her true wants and needs in regards to her college aspirations. She will ask probing questions and give honest and helpful feedback in response. Through this process Megan has been accepted to her dream school in her dream country and will be undertaking a degree she is genuinely excited about. We could not be any more appreciative and grateful.”


Kathrine H, mother of Megan


“To me, the most helpful thing was Anjali's ability to help me find schools that fit my personal criteria. She was always honest with me and made certain I understood what I needed to do in order to get into the schools I wanted. And her help with my college application essays also made the entire college application experience far less stressful. In addition, your quick responses to my question either through text or email kept me on schedule. I only wish I had listened to her and started test prepping earlier! Trying to test prep while taking the heavy course load of my junior year was very difficult. Without her help, there is no way I would have found the perfect school for me that I will be attending in the Fall.

Megan H​

LINSEN w, tulane UniverSITY

design & social innovation

The quality of Anjali's work with me went beyond my expectations. I really appreciated her informed perspective on college applications and what the admission offices are looking for in students. Anjali doesn't just hand you a product or edit essays for you-- she teaches you how to do it. She had a very individualized plan for me, based on my personal characteristics and uniqueness. I definitely learned a lot from Anjali, from resume and interview skills to writing techniques and how to present my best self. I learned so much about myself as well in the process of digging for essay topics. There is only one college application in your life, and working with Anjali has created an unforgettable memory for me.



Anjali followed me closely and gave me a lot of advanced solutions to my application questions. She understands the entire college application system very well and led me through the process step by step. The accountability was so helpful, as she helped me set up a schedule for my essays and we met weekly. I would definitely recommend her!

Mayra P, TEXAS A&M


I really appreciated how Anjali found the best fit colleges for me. And I appreciated the direction she gave me in this process, especially when it came to essays and interviews. I learned a lot about myself along the way. Talking to her definitely gave me more confidence in the college application process. Additionally her reminder texts always kept me on track! The essay editing was also extremely helpful as it helped me eliminate unnecessary information, find ideas, and give my essays structure. With you as a college counselor I was able to find out so much about what I want my future in college to look like and about myself. You personalized the college application process to me while keeping me aware of what might be more likely for me or rather be a reach. All in all you helped me find ways to present myself and the things I have done and experienced in high school as the best candidate to colleges that I could be. 

Michael G, michigan StatE 

5 Scholarships up to 65k 

Anjali is incredibly knowledgeable and patient with students (and their nervous parents). She had a firm and upbeat approach with our son, and she was equally attentive to our needs as parents. She helped keep our son on track and focused. Her perspective and candid manner really helped us hone our list of colleges to consider. She also pushed Michael to really think and dig deep to write his essays and got great insightful results from him. Anjali also helped us as parents navigate the emotions of the process: expectations, fears, excitement, and not many disappointments! I would wholeheartedly recommend her.


Lauren Gastwirth, Michael's mother

Julia F, SYRACUSE University


“We would definitely recommend Anjali and already have. She has in depth knowledge of the whole process and even includes new tools to obtain better results, like profile building, including

internships, scholarships, etc. Julia clearly had all the support she needed while working with Anjali, so I could simply follow from the sidelines."


Simone F, mother of Julia

"Anjali helped me a lot with my college list and selecting the right major. She also supported me  through insight, valuable information, and excellent guidance on how to structure and write successful college essays. She reduced the stress of the process and helped me manage my time efficiently. I would definitely recommend her!"

Julia F

$104,000 in Scholarships

“We are so grateful that you guided Sam (and our family) through this process.  I think the most important part was having a multi-year plan and strategy in place, and helping Sam understand what he needed to do as he made his way through his Junior and Senior years.  

Helping Sam identify his interests and potential colleges as an unbiased voice of reason was very helpful for him. Also, encouraging him to retake the ACT and setting him up with a remote tutor was critical and helped him notably improve his scores. 

We appreciate how you work one-on-one with our kids and simultaneously keep us (as nervous parents) informed. After working with our two sons I can really see how you tailor your approach for each student’s needs, preferences and abilities.”


Lauren G., Sam's mom

Dan W, TEXAS A&M University


“Anjali is an excellent counselor! She really cared for my son, so she won our trust. She made the application process smooth and helped him find colleges where he would not only be admitted but where he can excel. It was a pleasure to work with her, and we recommend her wholeheartedly!"


Vera W, mother of Dan


“I think it is absolutely amazing that she is able to understand the needs and passions of individual students after a few conversations. I knew she cared about me and my success. I had several detours when it comes to choosing my majors in college, and every time, we formulated plans to specifically help achieving my goals. Her help and encouragement were essential for me."


Dan W


VOcal Performance

“I truly cannot thank Anjali enough! Everything she has done for me has shown me a brighter horizon and inspired me to be academically and artistically my best."

marielle g, hampshire college
12 scholarship offers up to 136K

“I have gotten into 12 of the 13 schools I applied to. I am incredibly grateful to Anjali for coaching me. She taught me so many ways to establish a bond between the admissions teams of universities and me, including interview strategies and dealing with the financial aid representatives of each school. Anjali really helped me keep up with my due dates and prioritize deadlines. Every essay and writing supplement to make sure each small detail was in line.  She revised every essay, helped me select which pieces of poetry would be in my writing portfolio, and helped me refine and polish my work. Once my portfolio was glowing, she compiled a several page long document filled with competitions, scholarships and publishing opportunities to which I could submit my writing. She then suggested I film my slam poetry in order to showcase my range of skills as a writer and performer. I filmed a few of my best pieces and after meticulous editing we added them to my resume.

I would not have been able to go through this process without Anjali and would absolutely recommend her to any student looking for a college counselor who is dedicated, passionate and organized."

Jessica L, UMass amherst



“With Anjali, I learned about the subtle differences in English that help create effective and respectful emails. She helped me define my major and minor--a combinations of sports management and psychology-- and discover a career choice which was unusual--therapeutic horsemanship. She helped my create a resume that my college interviewers said was very professional and well prepared. She also discovered that I needed two resumes--one academic and one equestrian, and helped me share them with the coaches at each of my schools. In addition, the college interviewers were impressed by the research I had done about their schools, which Anjali showed me how to do. Finally, she taught me to be meticulous and to proofread. I have already recommended Anjali to lots of other students at my school and family members. My only regret is not having found her sooner.”

david l, university of north carolina AT chapel hill
SOCIAL sciences

"Anjali helped me a lot during the entire application process, and I am delighted to be able to recommend her. As an international student I was particularly worried about my essays. I wanted to be sure that my ideas and outlook were clearly represented. Anjali not only helped me improve my essays but also taught me some useful writing techniques. After my ED application was deferred, Anjali guided me in analyzing my situation and finding the best strategy to move forward. She took the stress out of the process. She also taught me how to interact with the schools in a beneficial way. After each meeting, Anjali would summarize in writing what we had done and outline the next steps I needed to take. I believe working with Anjali improved my chances of admission, and I learned a lot about myself and about communication in general."

dawson h, colgate university alumni memorial scholar (full Ride)

"Anjali was was key in drafting the school profile and course listings of a recently founded high school my son attended.  She helped showcase its academic rigor and flexible curriculum.  Anjali also invited college reps, notified students of college fairs and application deadlines.  In addition, she offered families a  coaching session on admissions and financial aid.  Her work was invaluable to the senior class getting accepted into their desired universities.  Students searching for and applying to college will greatly benefit from Anjali's expert guidance!"

Patty  H, Dawson's mother 

JASON S, McCombs School of Business UT Austin

Johns hopkins

“Anjali was very patient and helpful during the whole application process. I am glad to be able to recommend her to other students. At first, she helped me thoroughly analyze my strengths and weaknesses as an applicant. Then she helped me build a cohesive application strategy. As an international student, at the beginning, I was afraid of the video essays especially. However, Anjali corrected my pronunciation word by word and provided me with many methods for practice to improve my performance. At the same time, she encouraged me to keep practicing, so I became more confident. I especially recommend her to international students are unfamiliar with graduate school applications in the US system and who need help for speaking practice.”

LINA L, Skidmore College


“I have recommended Anjali to my friends because her approach is very different from many of the counselors I have met or heard about. Even though I started working with Anjali  in the winter of my senior year, she reassured me and taught me to take everything one step at a time. She helped me identify the most important part of my resume and write a successful essay around my passions--psychology and peer counseling. I even received a letter from a top liberal arts college admissions officer complimenting me on the essay and telling me it was memorable! Anjali emphasized my happiness and success in college, which changed the way my family and I viewed the application process. In the end, I was accepted by my ED school, Skidmore College, and I hope to continue receiving Anjali's guidance during my time there.”


AMAN M, Engineering Major

ut Dallas

“Working with Anjali felt very genuine, and the effort she put into helping me and wanting the best for me was what I appreciated the most. And she taught me how important it was to find the right fit school. Everything went perfectly, and I would highly recommend her to other college applicants.”

ADAM W, St. Olaf College

9 scholarship offers UP TO $80,000

"Anjali and I worked together for eight months to complete my college applications. I absolutely loved the time I spent with her and came to know her as a truly amazing adviser. She is compassionate, understanding, intelligent, hard-working and resourceful. She provided all the information and support I needed to complete my tasks on time. Her knowledge in essay writing methods not only helped me tremendously with the applications, but also strengthened my skill as a writer.

Anjali is truly passionate about helping students to succeed and always showed patience and encouragement when I was facing difficulties. Having her guidance during the challenging period of applying to colleges was a huge blessing. I could not have gotten through the process and feel as well prepared as I am today if it was not for Anjali. She will be your ally and provide you all the help you need!"

And a letter from Adam 9 months later (he deferred his acceptance at St. Olaf and took a gap year in the UK):

"First of all, I want to let you know how grateful I am to you. During this time last year, I was going through one of the most stressful times of my life, where everything was happening at once. You were there for me during during the days when I felt like I just could not make it, and you encouraged me to keep pushing and work for my future. You have always said that this isn’t just a career for you, but also a passion. My time spent with you is a perfect example of that. I was not the most motivated student during many periods of our sessions, and I often lacked the enthusiasm to keep striving for greatness, though I do crave it. If it wasn’t for you, who were there with me all along, reassuring me of the benefit of pushing just a little harder, aiding me not through motivational slogans, but gentle and encouraging words, I would have never been able to make it to the place I am today. No sentences or paragraphs can sum up my gratitude towards you, who have been not only a guidance counselor, but over time, have become a friend. Therefore, I will simply just say, thank you."

TORI M, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
30K+ Scholarship recipient UCLA

"Anjali's negotiation strategies were integral in increasing my scholarship funding for graduate school. I was admitted to Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Denver, Tulane, UCLA and UT Austin. Initially, I received a few scholarship offers from several of the schools. However, after just one session with Anjali, I was able to negotiate an increase of $30,000 in a scholarship offer from my top choice. Anjali's suggestions are straightforward, easy to implement and above all highly successful in boosting scholarship funding. Don't settle for a scholarship offer before consulting with Anjali!"

OWEN S, New York University
International Relations

"Anjali was creative in suggesting how my son prepare as a high school student to apply to US colleges. She was particularly good at explaining how to build a resume in a strategic way and at tailoring a program of study and extracurricular activities to his needs and interests. One of the goals was to improve his writing skills, so she came up with an original plan.  Instead of directing us to Language Arts or ESL courses, she suggested a course in an area that my son was passionate about--current events. She reasoned that if the subject matter fascinated him, he would be more likely to enjoy the required writing, thereby automatically improving his skills. After we decided on a program, the High School Academy program at NYU, she coached him on the application.  She was skillful at eliciting the best personal essay he could produce, helping him identify his strengths and his experience, then express them in a compelling way. Her editing and suggestions were respectful of his own voice as a writer and, at the same time, she helped raise the quality of the end product by teaching him tips and tools he can use in the future. My son was accepted to the program, and we plan to call on her again for college applications."


Daria S, mother of Owen

ABBY w, Carleton College

"Anjali helped me strengthen each paragraph of my essays, so the arguments closely matched the thesis. She helped me connect my thesis to the real world, which broadened the scope of my essays. Her proofreading skills are phenomenal, and I especially appreciate her ability to improve my essay thematically."

LHAGYARI T, Gettysburg College

"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Anjali Maazel as an educational consultant. She and I have known each other for six years. I grew up in India, but I wanted to pursue my education in the United States; I knew very little about the American education system and had no idea where to start. But then my aunt introduced me to Anjali.

When I finally left India to attend high school in the United States, I was terrified by the idea of living away from my family. I had so many questions, discomforts, and apprehensions, at least until I came to know Anjali. Although I only met her in person a few times, we kept in touch via phone and email. She guided me as if I were her own son and always gave me valuable advice. She kept me on track by making sure that I followed the schedule and did not miss any opportunities.

Anjali is a great person who is very easy to approach; she was there for me from the beginning of my educational journey to the end. I went to St. Andrew’s boarding school in Delaware. I feel very lucky to have attended such a prestigious high school, and currently I am attending Gettysburg College. Without Anjali’s guidance, I would not be where I am today."


BOB Y, Hankamer School of Business, Baylor
90% scholarship from hankamer

"I was impressed with Anjali's planning of the application process and her efficient use of our time together. She gave me instant and detailed feedback in an email after each meeting, which recapped the essential points and gave me specific assignments. I was also impressed by her feedback on my writing as well as her attention to detail. As an international student, I learned the subtleties of applying to US graduate programs, how to write effective essays, how to write formal emails, and how to research schools to prepare for interviews and communicate with the admissions office."

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